About the restaurant

A new destination on the map of St. Petersburg for the lovers of juicy steaks - Restaurant Meat Head. Location of the restaurant - Konyushennaya sq., 2, corner house opposite the «Spas na krovi», within walking distance from Nevsky Prospect.


The young chef, who worked at the world famous London restaurant Nobu, has worked out a menu created specifically for the project MEAT HEAD. A selection of dishes is small, but each position is designed to trifles and perfectly combined with any other dish from the menu, that allows the visitor to make a thoughtful and balanced choices.

The concept of the cuisine - refined simplicity. The main component of the menu - the meat of all

regions of the world: New Zealand and Argentina. Preparing it in a coal furnace josper - closed grill.



Special attention is given wine list. Selected wines are designed to be a worthy accompaniment to the dishes, as well as an indicator class.The restaurant interior is stylish, comfortable and strong at the same time. There is no artificiality. The interior and furniture used only natural materials - oak, brick, and natural cowhide.Famous Moscow designer Valery Lizunov, author of popular interiors of restaurants and cafes: WhiteRabbit, Clouds, Tverbul, Barbados has created the interior of the meat restaurant.Design solutions are presented in the restaurant is very delicate. From them there is a huge sculptured head of cows in the windows and recipes, specialties, handwritten in black ventilation ducts.An interesting topic of the interior is half-open kitchen. Guests can "spy" the process of preparation of meals ordered, which creates some intrigue in the process out of order. The open kitchen also maintains a sense of participation in the process.The room has five halls, suite arranged one after another.On the central axis through all the halls are long tables with candlesticks, bottles, glasses, flowers. In the grounds of the vaults at the corners of halls are long, soft zones at round tables. Along the windows overlooking the temple and the canal stretches a long and comfortable sofa. The open plan allows you to experience the architecture of the building, to see it in all the beauty and symmetry.To carry out private actions or banquet provided an opportunity zoning the last room with separate entrance and wc . With a soft, thick curtains hall can be partitioned off from the rest of the restaurant.The restaurant's cuisine harmonize with the environment, together they support and complement each other. Meat Head - a restaurant with a sense of inner dignity, with its own character. The restaurant is designed for a quiet lunch and dinners, for business negotiations, meetings, family dinners and celebrations of birthdays.At the end of the week will be concerts of funk, jazz and soul groups. On the territory of the restaurant will be a variety of presentations, corporate events and recitals