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Dear guests, we are temporary closed till winter.

Our restaurant is moving. Look for details about our opening  on www.meat-head.ru or follow us on instagram #meatheadspb.





Large Stables Restaurant Meat Head invites! 

Now the center of St. Petersburg - is not only a popular place for lovers of fine architecture, but true gourmets. Not far from the Church of the Savior on Blood opened the best steakhouse in the Northern capital. Absolutely restaurants in historical center of Saint-Petersburg attract the attention of tourists and lovers of fine cuisine, so we took care of our menu. 

Menu meat restaurant - a real journey into the world of harmonious taste, pleasant aroma and organic combination. 

Over its development with love labored chef with international experience, so attention has been paid to every detail. Visit the restaurant MEAT HEAD, you can select any favorite dishes without worrying about how well they will complement each other. This is already taken care of the chef, so your choices will always harmonious, regardless of the selected courses. 

Restaurants at the Stables area: the taste of the world 

Today restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg to amaze and surprise the diversity of its offerings. We want to introduce you to a unique choice of different types of meat, brought from all corners of the world. Pobyvav in our restaurant in St. Petersburg on the Griboyedov Canal, you can hardly resist the temptation to come here yet. 

When creating a simple but at the same time refined dishes, cook our meat restaurant in St. Petersburg, use a special oven dzhopser that works on the principle of a closed and heated brazier aspen or birch coals that are not often found even in expensive restaurants of St. Petersburg. 

Thanks to this method of cooking, the meat is environmentally friendly and as helpful as possible! 

Supplement than meat? 

Worthy accompaniment to such exquisite dishes with drinks will be harmonious and rich flavor. Opening a restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg, and we took care of that. Chief sommelier carefully assembled collection of wines for the restaurant's own cellar. 

Today, not all, even the most expensive restaurants in St. Petersburg can offer visitors the same extensive variety of wine list, as we are. Composing wine collection for the restaurant, the chef sommelier most visited wine farms located in the most remote corners of the world. 

Wines presented to your attention - this is the best addition to the unique dishes from the menu. Only one sip is enough to feel the luxury of their depth of flavor. 

Impeccable taste ... in the interior! 

Restaurants at the Stables area never empty, because it is - a unique place in the city, which has its own unique mood. When designing the future of the restaurant Meat Head, to cooperate invited renowned designer Valeria Lizunova who created exclusive interior, combines style, comfort and rigor. There is no artifice, because to finish the steak restaurant in St. Petersburg, used only natural materials. 

Restaurants on the Grand Stables area - a place where it will be nice to visit, not only to every gourmet and connoisseur of unique beauty of St. Petersburg. 

Enjoying excellent taste steak cooked on dzhospere, drinking wine is truly worthy, you can see how beautiful the world in all its forms, because of the windows Meat Head offers a unique view of the historical center of Saint-Petersburg.